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April 28, 2017

Here are some options available to you if you have lost a tooth (or teeth).

Option 1) Nothing


* Doesn’t cost anything


  • Remaining teeth may shift

  • Bone loss in the jaw

  • Changes the way your face is shaped

  • Ugly gap

  • Loss of some bite/chewing fu...

April 21, 2017

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Gum recession can lead to sensitive teeth (see our last blog post here).  It may be caused by various circumstances such as:

* tartar, plaque, calculus build up

* periodontal disease

* poor dental care

* systemic illnesses like diabetes


April 14, 2017

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Do you experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold?

Being sensitive to cold is fairly common and can occur when there's damage to the tooth - for example, your enamel may have worn away or you may have decay.  Or you gums...

April 7, 2017

You may have noticed new faces at our Yonge Street location :) . We're in the midst of training our team for expansion to our second location at Alfie Dentistry and this is why :)

Construction is about half-way complete with respect to the interiors of our new building...

April 6, 2017

Here's an infographic we created to remind everyone why we should all be *flossing*.  And, if you're not sure how to, or you notice a lot of bleeding when you do, book yourself in for an Oral Hygiene Instruction appointment with any one of our hygienists. (416) 222-476...

March 29, 2017

 Here's a quickie video about the services offered at Alfie :) . It is by no means, a complete list (because it would take forever to list them!)  

If you're interested in receiving dental care like no other, give our office a call (416) 222-4762.  Also, please sub...

March 24, 2017

Like always, we're so ready to welcome in the Spring.  This year, we're particularly excited as Alfie Dentistry is expanding to our Willowdale location in just a few months time. While we're waiting, however, we're doing a little bit of Spring Cleaning at Yonge & Steel...

March 21, 2017

Here's a quick before-and-after video showing some of Dr. Shirley's Smiling Stars.  These are some of the more complex full smile makeovers.  If you have any questions about any of these procedures, please call our office at (416) 222-4762.

March 14, 2017

We created an infographic to let people know what to expect during a first visit at Alfie Dentistry.  Also known as a Complete Oral Exam, we believe that taking the time to get to know our guests - as people, not as patients - is one of the many qualities that makes ou...

March 7, 2017

If you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel already, please have a look and join our community :)

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