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Avoiding Selfies due to Missing Teeth?

Whether you'd like to restore your bite function or are embarrassed by an unsightly gap in your smile, there are four main options you have for replacing missing teeth.

Option 1)  No action

This involves no up-front costs, but the consequences may not be desirable.

* Neighbouring teeth will  likely migrate towards filling the empty gap and potentially making them crooked

* The tooth that is directly above or below the missing one may also hypererupt.   

* May not be able to break down food properly

Option 2) Denture

A great option for the cost-conscious person

* least expensive choice, especially for multiple missing teeth

* removable

* can be the least comfortable option

* metal framework that anchors it down can sometimes be visible

Option 3) Bridge

* non-removable, but care must be taken to clean underneath the bridge

* involves neighbouring teeth for support - which means we shave down neighbouring teeth in order to fit the bridge

* can be made in-office in one day with our Cerec unit (depending on the case)

* Versatile for uses in different situations

Option 4) Implant + Crown

* non-removable

* functions, feels like and looks like real teeth

* long-lasting result when properly maintained

* Versatile for uses in different situations, especially the last tooth in the dental arch

Whichever option, don't let missing teeth bring you down.  Call us to book your examination today (416) 226-6688.


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