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Brush up on Dental Flossing

We recently caught up with our awesome hygienist, Sav, and thought we'd share this info on Flossing Techniques.

Why is flossing so important? Well, because all of your teeth have five surfaces and if you're not flossing, you're neglecting at least two surfaces on each tooth - the area between your teeth on both sides. That means food particles, sugars and bacteria all hang out in your mouth and can cause cavities.

But it's just not the act of threading some floss in between your teeth and lifting it back up - you're essentially using the floss as a teeny tiny 'brush', to trace the length of each tooth and slightly underneath the gum line to remove debris.

Sound complicated?

It gets easier the more you practice - and we have the handy, dandy video above - have a look!

For cleaning appointments with Sav, call us at (416) 226-6688 to schedule a time.


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