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Can I get braces even if I'm an adult?

The short answer is a resounding "yes"!

Many individuals choose adulthood to pursue orthodontic treatment because:

  • They are financially stable

  • Because their teeth shifted as they aged

  • Because their teeth have shifted since their first round of braces (PRO-TIP - wear your retainers obsessively to prevent movement of your aligned teeth! If they crack or break from overuse or a wire comes undone, book an appointment with the dentist so you can have the retainer wire replaced or to get a new retainer tray.)

  • Because there are so many more options nowadays - that we could only dream of when we were younger! We've got the traditional brackets-and-wires but we've also got ones with tooth-coloured attachments - so people will have to get real close to see them. Alternatively, we've also got Invisalign - invisible orthodontic trays.

  • We've also got helpful vibrational devices to help teeth move quicker! Don't want to spend years and years and years for orthodontic correction? Neither would we. So shrink that treatment time by using the acceleration device. And FYI, we make these available to younger patients as well.

  • They've finally gotten so sick of how annoying and difficult it is to brush/floss with crooked teeth - And all the dental problems that can come with an inadequately cleaned mouth.


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