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Dental Sensitivity got you Down?

On most hot summer days, there's nothing quite like a having cool treat to relax with...unless you have dental sensitivity.  For some possible reasons why you may be experiencing dental sensitivity, please read our previous blog post here.

Otherwise, here are some suggestions on how to manage it:

1) Get any decay repaired at the dental office.

2) If you're grinding, get a protective night guard.

3) If you're teeth are sensitive to using home whitening treatments, take a break from it.

4) Try sensitive toothpaste.  We have a high-fluoride paste at the office, which Smiling Stars can purchase that can protect your teeth with regular use.

5) Try enjoying cool beverages through a straw so that the liquid bypasses the teeth.

6) Try not to bite into ice (because that can lead to cracks and . chipped teeth).

7) Try to minimize contact of the cold food with teeth - for example, get an ice cream cone that you can lick and avoid biting into it.

8) Pay attention to how you're brushing your teeth.  Using a medium or hard-bristled brush and/or using lots of force can make your teeth more sensitive in the long run.  Use a gentle pressure paired with soft-bristles to reduce the damage.

9) Minimize the consumption of acidic foods (and use a straw for drinks!) because they can harm the layer of protective enamel on your teeth.

10) Stay regular with your dental hygiene appointments.  Our team is trained to care for you and your pearly whites and we can make personalized recommendations for you, based on what signs we see when working in your mouth. 

Call our office today, (416) 226-6688 and speak to our Smiling Star Team.

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