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The Back Story:

To be totally honest, I didn't *actually* floss until I got my Invisalign - and that was working with Dr. K and Dr S almost every day (sheepish grin, lolol) at front desk. 

I used the same excuses that everyone else uses:

* I don't have time

* I'm too lazy

* It's annoying to floss

* Well, I brush twice a day, isn't that enough???

* My dad has bad cavity-prone teeth too, I think it's just genetics

And before I got Invisalign, the doctors/hygienists at Alfie Dentistry always found at least one cavity




Embarrassingly, I'm not even exaggerating in the least. 

But I knew I had to shift after Invisalign because those trays were going to be on my teeth at least 22 hours a day.  If I trap bacteria and food particles in there while wearing, I was pretty sure my cavity-prone teeth would have no chance.  

So I begrudgingly started to floss.

It started with me allocating about 10 minutes to floss as I clumsily fed the floss through all of my teeth.  10 minutes gradually became 5 minutes and now it takes me less than a minute.  So it doesn't actually take that long anymore.  

Then the magical moment came - I had a check-up and they didn't find any cavities (thank goodness!) - and they haven't found any since.  

So that day, I learned the value of flossing, lol.

Flossing At Home: 

The best way to learn how to floss properly is to book yourself in for an appointment to see either the doctors or our hygienists for an OHI - Oral Hygiene Instruction.

* They can check out your technique.

* They can teach you how to improve your technique (not just in flossing, but in brushing as well).  Yes, we can learn so much from the internet - but in terms of flossing, Google can't really tell you which areas you might be missing or which areas you should focus more on.

Call our friendly front desk team at (416) 226-6688 to book now. What better resolution to make, than to start flossing and stick with it?


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