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Happy Holidays!

Seasons Greetings from ALFIE Dentistry!

It may look a little different this year, but let's make the best of it! Apparently, people can video chat with Santa nowadays - so don't hesitate to think outside of the box this year. We're always looking for fun ways through this Pandemic, so here's our list of latest ideas:

1| Video Chat Santa!

2| Sew some holiday stockings - and take a break from sewing face masks, LOL

3| Craft some ornaments

4| Enjoy your favourite holiday movies

5| Read some holiday books

6| Sing some Carols - within your social circle, 2m away

7| Video Chat Party!

8| Cook a festive meal with family via Video Chat.

9| Decorate the tree

10| Take a walk around your neighbourhood to check out everyone's holiday lights and decorations.

11| Deck the home with holiday cheer and decorations

12| Make a wreath

13| Stay up and wait for Santa!

14| Send out holiday e-cards - Did this go out of style? I feel like we've all stopped doing this!

15| Go ice skating (but plan in advance, because many places require pre-booking and have time limits due to COVID precautions)

16| Donating to toy drives and charities!

17| Drop off gifts and packages to friends and family - because it's wayyyyy too late to have online orders shipped directly to them, unless....🤪 Santa might want to help with that

18| Bake and Enjoy and share the holiday treats (Just remember to brush and floss and care for your teeth afterwards!)

19| Send gifts that aren't things - gift future experiences like 'a one-day trip to the museum' or maybe your loved ones would enjoy a 1-month online membership to group fitness classes!

20| Make some phone calls and connect to the people who do not video chat! They would surely still love to hear your voice.

Enjoy this holiday season! We look forward to seeing everyone post-pandemic!


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