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Happy National Hot Tea Month

So you may have heard to lay off the tea because drinks that stain your cup can also stain your teeth. Yes, that's still a real concern. But, there's always dental whitening treatments you can try! And, tea may actually be super beneficial for the health of your teeth - so the discolouration may be worth it.

1) Green tea contain polyphenols that reduce microbial activity from certain strains of bacteria in your mouth as well as inhibit the formation of biofilm. You can read about that here. By removing some of the caries-causing and gum-disease-causing bacteria from your mouth, you're less likely to experience either condition.

2) The tannins found in tea can also have anti-bacterial properties. This can help prevent plaque build up as well as prevent bad breath. Refer to this study - which talks about this unique property of tea. Or check out this one, which studied oolong tea on plaque development.

3) Did you know that tea also contains fluoride? Yes, that stuff you get after cleanings to help protect your dental enamel is also in tea - so every time you have a cup, you're giving your teeth a fluoride rinse. Here's some further reading on fluoride in teas.

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