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Have you had your Comprehensive Oral Exam Recently?

When was the last time...

If you can't remember the last time you had your Complete Oral Exam with Dr. Kenny or Dr. Shirley, call our concierge at (416) 226-6688 to check when it was - because we recommend it every 3 to 5 years. Complete Oral Exam can expose hidden problems which have not given you any discomfort and yet they can lead to serious problems later.

Complete Oral Exam is different from the routine check-ups after hygiene appointment because it is much more thorough and usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes.  Obviously when you come in for both types of appointments, we check for cavities and gum disease.  We also routinely check to see that all existing dental restorations are still good-to-go.  Or, if it is worn or damaged, we'd recommend getting replacement(s).

When we see you for a Complete Assessment, we also:

  • ask you to update your medical records with us, including list of medications and allergies

  • take bitewing x-rays of the sides of your mouth and panoramic radiograph if you haven't had them with our hygienists recently (depending on how susceptible you are to dental problems)

  • update your treatment plan, to see if there are any changes to your mouth and how to match changing needs of your lives

  • screen for oral cancer, if indicated (e.g. if you have lesion that won't go away, if you're a smoker, if you have a family history of cancer, etc)

  • take posture photos and see how posture affect your oral functions

  • update your dental photos and record the changes that have occurred

  • perform extra-oral examination of head and neck area

  • and finally, we also go through what we see with you - and discuss with you how we can work together and improve your dental health in the coming years.  

Since it's about 2 weeks until the new year, we'd recommend that you come in for this appointment before insurance renews (for a lot of people, that happens Jan 1st, 2017).  2016 benefits do not carry over if you're coming close to renewal date, so maximize the plan for the current year, then start fresh again in 2017.  

Believe us, we've seen it happen - people let their insurances go to waste, then come in for their examination in the new year.  Once all treatments have been completed, they've maxed out their benefits within the first couple of months and it won't renew until the year is over.  They could've avoided the out-of-pocket expenses with just a little bit of planning.

Call our concierge today and let's begin.  (416) 226-6688.

Our dentists speak Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin and English.


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