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Natural Beauty and Function - Do they Last Forever?

How we wish our bodies would last forever, but we are dynamic beings and age related changes are inevitable. Our teeth and jaw function as a biomechanical device which follows the natural law of aging and attrition. However, thanks to advancements in aesthetic dentistry with neuromuscular principles, we are able to turn back the clock. Without knowing it, people who have a poor bite, rapidly wear down their teeth. The front teeth starting to chip is the first sign of aging.

With the help of Smile Design, we are able to recreate your youthful smile and colour. Minor rotations and crowding can also be fixed instantly without going through lengthy orthodontic treatment. In addition, the ceramic material we use is very close to enamel in appearance and can reproduce the natural beauty of your teeth. You will never need to worry about your teeth staining and changing colour because of the stain resistant properties of ceramics. The material is called IPS Empress from Ivoclar and for 20 years has proven to be the best material to replace poor looking enamel, giving your smile a second chance.

Due to the advancements in materials, ceramic restorations to the front teeth can be durable and function well. Because of neuromuscular dentistry we understand how the jaw and musculature works. We follow the principles of happy muscles that allow the jaw to move smoothly to create a functional bite. When the bite is right, the teeth will last longer.

Your teeth may have suffered from wear and tear, losing their support at the back, which makes the front teeth become overloaded. When your bite is properly aligned, your teeth will last. However, when the bite shows signs of wear and tear, the muscles fight against your teeth, rapidly breaking them down. In some cases we may need to correct the bite along with restoring your smile.

Next time, when you are getting your teeth cleaned, make sure your teeth are being assessed for the amount of wear and tear. This should be documented by your dental practitioner with clinical digital photos. With proper diagnosis and treatment, your natural jaw function can be restored.

- Dr. Shirley Cheong

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