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NYE Team Lunch

Yup, we're all sick of hearing "celebrations are a little different this year" (due to COVID-19) buttttt we still managed to find a way to enjoy some quality socially-distanced time together and shared an amazing New Years Eve lunch!

Behind the scenes? Mina and Dr Kenny were seated right outside the staff room - separately, of course and Dr Shirley was standing close to the back of the room. Everyone else was seated at a table inside of our team room - the set-up reminiscent of individual school desks! Only team members who were working that day attended. Masks were worn before and after eating.

So how did this sharing work? Each person had their own plate (LOL, obviously) and a new utensil was used each time they reloaded their plate. Each person was to take their utensils with them so as not to cross-contaminate.

Main courses were made by Dr Shirley (shrimp dish, upper right hand corner) and Yuki, who prepared the lower right dish as well as the mochi (upper left hand corner). Nida supplied the matcha cheesecake. Yum-o!

How did everyone else celebrate?


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