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Opening a neighbourhood near you

Our second location at 172 Willowdale Ave. is coming soon - we're going to be located at Willowdale Ave. and Alfred Ave!  Construction is close to completion and we can hardly contain ourselves. 

If you've been a long time Smiling Star at Alfie Dentistry, Yonge & Steeles Dental Care, you may be wondering - what does this mean for you?

If Dr. Kenny is the person you usually see for dental treatment, he will be practicing at both offices depending on the day of the week.  So there should be little to no changes expected, in that respect.  :)

If your doctor is Dr. Shirley, you may choose to move with her to the Willowdale building.  There is parking available and it's a beautiful building!  If you do not wish to move, you may stay at our Yonge & Steeles location and see either Dr. Kenny or Dr. Vivian, our new associate dentist.

Any additional questions? Give us a quick call: (416) 226-6688.


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