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Sensitivity after a filling or crown?

It it not uncommon for a tooth to be sensitive after having a restoration. Since the area has been worked on, it can sometimes take days to weeks for your mouth to settle. Because each person's experience of sensitivity is different, this timing may vary from person to person and many individuals don't feel sensitive at all.

So, if you notice that your mouth is tender or sore after getting dental treatment, give it some time. If it starts to improve on its own, usually no action is needed (Ahem - just remember to follow up with routine hygiene visits!)

If you don't feel the sensations improving, you may need to come in for an adjustment. Maybe the bite is not fitting - even a micron of difference between your original tooth and the newly restored area can make your tooth feel sensitive!

When in doubt, don't be afraid to call the office and ask for help. It's a good idea to first contact the dental office that performed the initial procedure - not only because they'd know what was done, but also to keep costs low on your end (i.e. so you're not double charged!)


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