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Smile with Confidence

In-office whitening treatments have never been so convenient.  Arrive.  Relax.  We've got you covered.  You can brighten up in just over an hour with our:​

  • clinical strength hydrogen peroxide

  • light activation technique  

Ready to book?  Call us now and speak to our concierge team: (416) 226-6688

What is Whitening?

Whitening is a non-invasive dental procedure that removes old stains from your teeth and gives them new life.  While routine hygiene visits help to break up surface stains, whitening agents work on intrinsic stains which are found embedded in the enamel.  

Is it safe for my teeth?

Cosmetic whitening is considered a safe way to improve the look of your smile. Used as directed and under the supervision of an experienced dental care provider, in-office treatment is the safest way to whiten teeth according to the Canadian Dental Association. 

How long will my white smile last?

This depends on your lifestyle.  Factors that may influence a color-change include:

·         smoking

·         certain foods and beverages

·         certain medications

·         aging


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