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Something we hope we never have to use!

Not exactly a new development, but for as long as we've had the AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) at both Willowdale and Centerpoint locations, we hadn't posted them to our website! Rest assured that we value your safety and wellbeing, that we've had the equipment for quite a while now, that our staff are trained in how to use it, and that we have also posted instructions for use as well (because it is designed so that anyone should be able to use it)!

While it is not mandatory for dental offices in Ontario to have an AED, we truly believe that it is an important addition to our offices because seconds matter when someone is in cardiac arrest, and while all of our full-time team members are trained in CPR, having an AED on site increases the chances of survival. When the AED electrode pads are applied to the person, it starts analyzing the person's heartbeat and advises whether or not they need to be shocked. Verbal instructions are provided by the defibrillator itself, so as mentioned above, it should be easy enough for most people to follow. And if the person's heartbeat is analyzed to be normal, the safety mechanisms on the defibrillator will not allow for a shock.

According to St John's Ambulance, there is one cardiac arrest every 12 minutes in Canada - it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. So in this case, it is definitely better to have one on hand than not.


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