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Tooth Sensitive?

Do you experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold?

Being sensitive to cold is fairly common and can occur when there's damage to the tooth - for example, your enamel may have worn away or you may have decay.  Or you gums may have receded.   

If the pain is not severe, you can try using sensitive toothpaste, specially formulated to suit your needs and see if that helps.  Otherwise, explore the other possibilities:

If it's a cavity, you should definitely have it filled by the dentist - otherwise this can progress to bigger problems requiring either a crown or a root canal treatment and then a crown.  Often (but not always), when it becomes sensitive to both hot and cold, it's a sign that the decay has progressed and you may need a root canal.  However, this can only be determined with an examination and there's no need to jump the gun - but make sure to give us a call at (416) 222-4762 for this exam - for peace of mind and/or treatment if there is significant decay.

You may be brushing with too much pressure as well (sloughing off gums and exposing the dentin - as an example).  To improve brushing technique, book yourself in for an Oral Hygiene Instruction appointment with one of our hygienists - or request this the next time you have a cleaning appointment so that we can work on preventative plans together.  

Grinding the teeth can also lead to sensitivity.  So, working on stress-management might be a first choice.  A protective mouth-guard can also be made at our office so your teeth don't wear away.  

Since sensitivity can be due to so many different reasons, come in and see us.  We're here to help :) (416) 222-4762.


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