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If you have a toothache, skip the prolonged suffering and book yourself in for an examination and treatment by one of our dentists (You can reach us at (416) 222-4762).  Honestly, you can spend a good couple of hours trying to remedy the situation with various tips online - but unfortunately, they may or may not work.  And, when they do work, it could be a temporary solution - or worse - a temporary solution for a relatively serious issue.  

Since toothaches can be caused by so many different things, it helps to have a professional do the diagnostic work (and the associated treatment for it!)  Some causes of pain include:

* Extensive decay or deep caries.  While extensive decay may be more obviously detected, people can also get tiny cavities that bore deep into their tooth/teeth.  This is the number one reason why people will get a toothache and might serve as good motivation to get regular checkups and x-rays every so often so that we can take care of it in its earlier stages.

* You could be grinding or clenching your teeth without even being aware of it (e.g. when stressed or while you're sleeping).  If you do take note of this happening during the day, you could take steps to incorporate more relaxation into your life and be mindful of how hard you're biting down on a regular basis.  In terms of how we can help, we can create a custom-fitted night guard - an appliance designed to protect your teeth from further damage.

* You could have exposed dentin or damaged enamel that can lead to sensitivity.  You could try strengthening toothpastes to at least prevent the situation from getting worse.  Depending on the level of damage, you may benefit from restorative treatment.

* It might not even be a tooth that's aching - a dental abscess is a painful collection of pus that requires drainage by the dentist to relieve the pressure.  Abscesses can occur in the gums and at the root of a tooth and as a result of impacted wisdom teeth.  It can result in swelling and more serious complications like cysts, so definitely book yourself in for an emergency examination.

* You may get dental sensitivity after treatment - because dentists do get right in there and various things can trigger it - for example, decay can sometimes be close to a nerve, so working in that area may lead to some residual sensitivity after treatment.  Sometimes, a filling or a crown can be too high and when you bite down, you get these unpleasant shock waves (or at least that's how it feels for me, lol) - this should be booked back for an adjustment.  If you're really concerned about any other type of toothaches after dental treatment, you could always return for a review appointment. :)

Those are just some of the reasons for why you might be experiencing a toothache.  Whatever the cause, we have various solutions to suit your needs.  Stop suffering, call now (416) 222.4762.


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