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Trick or Treat?

Hmmmm, is it a trick or treat or a little of both?

You know, because if you get a sweet treat and then it makes cavities - that sounds like it might've been a trick all along. Maybe Halloween was actually created by....<gasp> dentists to draw in more business?

Don't worry though, we're on your side. Here's how you can celebrate Halloween without the cavities:

1) Dress Up

You can join in all the fun by wearing a costume! If you have a family, it might be fun to go as a group or on a theme.

2) Decorate a Pumpkin

For the younger kids, grab a couple of markers and go at it. For the older kids and/or grown-ups, go ahead and carve them.

3) Halloween Cards

Do people still use paper? That could be one option. Alternatively, there are plenty of e-cards you can distribute to friends and family.

4) Horror Movie Marathon

There's nothing like getting in the season by tuning into your favourite spooktacular films. Watch one movie or make it an entire marathon.

5) Haunted Ghost Walks

Many big cities around the world have haunted walks and who knows...maybe you'll encounter someone or something from...beyond.

6) Share Scary Stories

You can pick a couple up from the bookstore, library or if you've ever had any real-life encounters, this might be fun time to share them. Turn down the lights and read by candlelight to set the mood.

7) Throw a Party!

There's nothing stopping you from throwing an awesome Halloween Bash this year! Just ask everyone to dress in costume and serve themed foods (Here's Food Network's Top 50). You don't have to make all 50, but choosing a couple might be fun!

8) Visit a Halloween Theme Park

And get your scare-on! You might encounter goblins and zombies and vampires and more, so be careful :D!

9) Host a Halloween Bake-Off

So, we've definitely been inspired by the latest cooking competitions - but why should the fun stop there? If you've got foodie friends or family, have a friendly competition to see who can decorate the creepiest cake.

10) Enjoy some Treats

Just make sure to brush and floss and practice good oral hygiene after. LOL - we HAD to throw that in there. But seriously, if you are trick or treating, remember to check all candy carefully and be safe!


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