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When everyone is off on Summer Vacation, Dr Shirley is building our in-office laboratory and taking the time to learn how to use our new inLab MC X5 CAD/CAM (as a side note, we're going to need a bigger laboratory soon!) So, what can it do?

  • Mill multiple units in one go (that means a quicker wait time as a patient if you need several teeth replaced). And that means fewer visits (because you don't have to come back multiple times to get your treatment completed! You may have even been with us long enough to remember those days when we had a single CEREC milling machine back at Yonge & Steeles Dental Care. If Dr Shirley and Dr Kenny both had crown appointments at the same time, wellllll one person would be delayed or rebooked to another day. And if we go back even further - when we had to rely on third party laboratories? Well you would have to have waited at least a week to get your restoration back. One of the very, very cool things about the MC X5 is that it can mill multiple restorations at the same time, even if the material used is different. In fact, it can mill up to six different blocks. Alternatively, it can mill from one disc for one patient, even if the missing/damaged teeth that needs replacing are in different areas of the mouth.

  • Remember when we said we could mill up to 6 different blocks in one go? How that translates is that it is capable of working with many different types of materials (and it is a total bonus that they can be loaded up in the same batch and milled at the same time). If something needs to be milled in a wet environment, the inLab MC X5 can do it. If a material has to be milled in a dry environment, the MC X5 can take care of that too. What does this include? The MC X5 can process zirconia, hybrid ceramics, glass, wax - as well as sintering metal, etc. It really can handle just about everything! What are the benefits of being able to handle different types of material from various different companies? When we create your restorations, we won't be limited to what is offered by the developers of the unit (ie. stuck with a potentially sub-par material). That means that we can pick from reliable and top-of-the-line brands who offer only the best quality. This also allows us to pick a material for your restoration that will work with your mouth (for example, you might need stronger material for certain teeth and/or you may need material that looks more realistic for your front teeth, etc).

  • We can use it to make your bridges, full crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, abutments, etc. The uses truly are endless!

  • Of course, it goes without saying that this is digital dentistry, so you'll reap all the benefits that digital dentistry offers (enhanced precision and accuracy, as an example)

Are we excited? You bet we are!!


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