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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth usually come in after all of the other permanent have erupted and often happens around the teenage years.  

For some lucky people, wisdom teeth never erupt.  For other lucky people, there's enough jaw space to accommodate the wisdom teeth and they are also asymptomatic.

And then there's the rest of us.  The people who have wisdom teeth and there isn't enough room in our mouths to safely house them.  In these cases, there are several reasons why removal might be the best option:

* if they're partially erupted, it's really difficult to clean well and they are prone to infection and/or decay

* if they're growing out horizontal or slanted, it could push against your other teeth and make them crooked

Because every situation is different, we would see you for an examination to check:

* If they've started to grow

* If you're the right candidate for extraction, or if there is enough space to house them comfortable

* How they're growing out (e.g. are they at a slant, will they impact neighbouring teeth?)

* Which prescriptions you may need

* Which methods of anesthesia/sedation you'd prefer

* and we would likely take a panoramic x-ray if you don't already have a current one

One of the most commonly asked questions about this procedure is, "It doesn't hurt so, do I really need to do this now?"  And the answer is, we only make recommendations that'll benefit your overall oral health but possibly more important: we'd also like to minimize discomfort.  

So, if you're asymptomatic, you don't 'have to' do it immediately, but it is a good idea to get them checked and if applicable - removed before infection or other problems arise.  Doctors at our office will show you your panoramic x-ray and let you know if there are any risks or potential issues that your wisdom teeth might cause if no action is taken and the decision is up to you.  

Call our office today to book your consultation: (416) 226-6688.


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