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Dental Implants

Whether you were born missing teeth or lost them along the way, achieve the look and feel of natural teeth with dental implants.

Alfie Team

Dental Implant Technology

Dental implants were started in the 1950s by a Sweden orthopedic doctor Professor Branemark. After its invention for more than half a century, dental implants are now the first choice of replacing missing teeth for eligible patients. It requires the use of titanium fixture in the form of the root of a tooth inserted into the jaw bone. The stabilized implant supports a crown or prosthesis on top for proper chewing and aesthetic function. Nowadays dental implants are manufactured from many countries and have different specifications. 


At ALFIE Dentistry, we use only two of the most reliable dental implant systems from Nobel Biocare and Sirona Dentsply, and their genuine parts in restoring your teeth. We utilize 3D x-ray ( Cone Beam Computed Tomography) and intra-oral  3D surface scanning to plan your implant prosthesis. This gives us the most achievable and expected results in every single treatment.

Treatable Conditions

Maybe your adult teeth never came in. Or maybe some dental trauma resulted in loss of your existing teeth.  Whatever your situation is, with modern day advancements in dentistry, it is a great time to invest in implants.

Our Implant Solutions

Digital Intraoral Scanner

The process of taking impressions has never been easier - for clients and for the dentist. 


Some of the older generations may still remember those "good old days" when dentists would take manual impressions by using soft putty-like material and creating a mold of your teeth, similar to the way children press clay or play-doh onto various things to create impressions.  It did its job at the time, but it was also subject to issues like distortion (which meant that clients were called in for another appointment and impressions were retaken).

Our offices use Densply Primescan Intraoral Scanner and the iTero Element, which has allowed us to digitize this process.  It's efficient, precise and comfortable for the patients.  We scan in-office, and re-scan only the areas which require more information - all in the same appointment.  We're then delivered a high-quality, high-resolution 3D impression of your teeth.  The processing time is almost instantaneous - and you can actually see your unique dental image as we're scanning.  

What does this mean for you as a patient?

  • Quicker turn-around time for you to get your dental implants made.

  • Greater accuracy (e.g. in terms of collecting data) helps the dentist create a better fitting replacement tooth for you.

  • No goopy impressions that can make you gag.

  • No 'extra' appointments to deal with distorted physical impressions.

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