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My friends didn't even notice my braces!  I thought it was totally obvious, but when I took them out to eat, they were so surprised. 

Chelsea S.

Digital Dentistry Innovations for Invisalign®
Say goodbye to:
  • goopy impressions 

  • unpleasant tasting impressions 

  • distorted impressions that need to be re-taken

Say hello to:
  • more comfortable impression-taking procedure

  • up-close, 360° view of your teeth

  • faster aligner delivery

  • better clinical results

ALFIE Dentistry is equipped with the latest digital scanners so that we can create a 3-dimensional rendering of your unique smile.  From initial simulation to your last review appointment, we use iTero® intraoral scanning technology, the perfect compliment to your Invisalign® treatment.

Ready to book your initial scan?  Contact us here!

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a popular orthodontic treatment that uses invisible trays to straighten teeth. Crooked teeth can be caused by many reasons:

  • disproportioned tooth size-to-jaw ratio

  • missing tooth/teeth - because the remaining teeth shift

  • impacted wisdom teeth pushing other teeth forward

  • thumb sucking

  • etc

Fortunately, advancements in technology have allowed us to move away from traditional "train tracks" to virtually invisible orthodontic treatment.  By wearing aligners about 22 hours each day for the course of a year or so (depending on the case complexity), you can straighten your teeth while living a normal life. 

Is Invisalign® Expensive?

We offer convenient ortho payment plans to suit your needs.  If Invisalign® is something you really want, ask our concierge about arranging financial agreement and sending estimates to your insurance company.  We're here to help.

Treatable Conditions
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Real Smiling Stars
Spacing, Crossbite

Having a crossbite can make it difficult to chew your food properly.  In the long run, the knocking of neighbouring teeth can lead to more instances of chips and cracks.


Spacing, especially between the two front teeth can often make us feel self-conscious.  Not all of us are Madonna and few of us can pull it off.


Having an underbite can make it difficult to chew and articulate properly.  

Deep bite

Think Invisalign® is only for simple cases?  Think again.  Deep bite is often considered one of the more difficult cases to treat, but here we are.

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