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Cerec Crowns

 We 'get it', you live a busy life.  You don't have time for multiple crown appointments.  Well now, it's possible to do it all in one visit.


With Your Safety in Mind

Our commitment to you and your family is safety first.  Cerec Crowns revolutionized the industry because people could finally get extensive dental restorations in one visit - and this is more important now more than ever because of COVID-19.

  • Single-visit crowns means minimized outings for patients and thus, reducing their risk.

  • Longer patient seated times to minimize cross contamination.

  • Effective booking structure to carefully traffic patient flow and maintain physical distancing practices.

We are a fully-integrated practice, using state-of-the-art technology and we have long embraced digital dentistry.  Join the revolution as we ditch old-school impressions and create computerized images, cut, shape and cement your crown - all in a single visit.

Say goodbye to:

  • goopy impressions 

  • multiple crown appointments

Say hello to:

  • beautiful, zirconia crowns

  • in-office crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, etc

  • durability and high flexural strength

  • high precision

  • excellent biocompatibility

Why do I need a crown?

We recommend crowns in situations where:

  • a tooth is so decayed that a filling just won't hold

  • a tooth is cracked so deeply that a root canal is needed and crown is placed to preserve the weakened structure

  • an implant has been placed and needs the final crown

  • you'd like to improve cosmetic appearance of a tooth

Check out this video Dr. Shirley made just for you!

How long will a crown last?

Synthetic material can never be as strong as your own natural teeth (so take good care of them!)  However, a crown can often last over 10 years, if it is well-cared for. 

My crown came off.  What should I do?

Book an appointment with us and bring the piece(s) with you.  Best case scenario is that the crown is intact and can be re-cemented.  Worst case scenario is that the crown is broken and a new one needs to be made.  

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