Cerec Crowns

 We 'get it', you live a busy life.  You don't have time for multiple crown appointments.  Well now, it's possible to do it all in one visit.


Introducing Cerec Crowns

We are a fully-integrated practice, using state-of-the-art technology and digitizing dentistry.  Join the revolution as we ditch old-school impressions and create computerized images, cut,

shape and cement your crown - all in a single visit.

Say goodbye to:
  • goopy impressions 

  • multiple crown appointments

Say hello to:
  • beautiful, zirconia crowns

  • in-office crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, etc

  • durability and high flexural strength

  • high precision

  • excellent biocompatibility

Why do I need a crown?

We recommend crowns in situations where:

  • a tooth is so decayed that a filling just won't hold

  • a tooth is cracked so deeply that a root canal is needed and crown is placed to preserve the weakened structure

  • an implant has been placed and needs the final crown

  • you'd like to improve cosmetic appearance of a tooth

Check out this video Dr. Shirley made just for you!

How long will a crown last?

Synthetic material can never be as strong as your own natural teeth (so take good care of them!)  However, a crown can often last over 10 years, if it is well-cared for. 

My crown came off.  What should I do?

Book an appointment with us and bring the piece(s) with you.  Best case scenario is that the crown is intact and can be re-cemented.  Worst case scenario is that the crown is broken and a new one needs to be made.  

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