ALFIE Dentistry - Dr. Shirley Cheong, Dr. Kenny Chan & Associates

172 Willowdale Avenue.  Toronto, ON. M2N 4Y8. (416) 226-6688.  

6212 Yonge Street, Unit 4. Toronto, ON. M2M 3X4.  (416) 222-4762.

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Complete Oral Exam

We'll make your

Alfie Experience as unique as you are.

-Alfie Team

Your First Visit

Welcome to our office!  We are so happy that you have chosen us as your Smile Team.  

As a first-time guest, we want to learn all about you so that we can personalize your care.  We recognize that you are a unique individual and we want to spend the time with you to discover:

  • your dental history

  • your dental needs

  • your dental wants

In this hour-long appointment, we'll:


  • create your dental profile

  • examine your mouth and take dental x-rays (if needed)

  • share what we see with you

  • develop a custom-tailored treatment plan with your long-term dental goals in mind

We recommend this thorough examination every 3-5 years to update and maintain detailed records so that you always remain a Smiling Star.

For more information about what to bring to your first appointment, please check out our blog post here.

Have questions
before your visit?