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Complete Oral Exam

What to expect at your Complete Oral Exam?

Welcome to our office!  We are so happy that you have chosen us as your Smile Team. A complete oral exam is required for all new patients. 

We will get to know your dental history, your dental needs & your dental wants so we can create an unique treatment plan for you.

​What to expect in a Complete Oral Exam​

1. X-Ray Imagining

2. Intraoral Photos

​3. In-Depth Consultation 

4. Unique Treatment Plan

The appointment is about 1 hour long. ​

Ready to go?  Send us an email or give us a call at (416) 226-6688 so our concierge team can schedule an appointment suit your schedule the best.

We recommend this thorough examination every 3-5 years to update and maintain detailed records so that you always remain a Smiling Star.

X-Ray Imaging

dental x-ray _ Canva.jpg
intraoral photo.png


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