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Never before have I been treated with such kindness and warmth in a dental office.  Here, there's an incredible level of genuine care for you as a person first and foremost...

Jessica E. 

​I trust both Dr. Shirley and Dr. Kenny exclusively.  They’re fantastic and you know, cutting-edge but also taking the time to get to know their patients and what their patients’ concerns are and addressing them and listening and it’s such a positive experience. It’s not usually what you hear when people talk about the dentist but it truly is a positive experience and I’m really happy that, you know, my kids are being taken care of by them.

- Tina B.

I had my braces on for about 18 months.  If I ever had to have something adjusted like wires trimmed or brackets replaced, I always had the appointments set up and done within...a really short amount of time - almost immediately.


As for the office, I'm always greeted by name when I come in, with a smile - and it's a very welcoming and warm environment.

- Brannan V.

My experiences have always been so pleasant with Dr. Shirley.  She's very patient, walks me through the process before, during and after - so nothing is a secret, nothing is a surprise.  Everything is open and there's that trust in the relationship with the doctor, so I feel very good.

-Hellen K.

Unlike other dentists I have visited, the team here has spent as much time educating me as they have doing maintenance on my teeth.  Every time I visit this office, I leave with a better understanding of how to achieve greater oral health which in turn allows me to do what is necessary to keep my teeth looking their best between visits.  At this office, dental health is a team effort and I would like to thank the whole team for its efforts.

- ​Michael C.

I have to write this review to express my thanks to Dr. Kenny Chan at Yonge and Steele Dental.  It is his professional perfection that need to be shared!  The incident was one of my molars had to be removed.  Anyone could imagine the amount of stress and panic one would have when that moment comes.  I am half a fighter than anybody else, so my panic was twice as much.  When I was sitting on the chair,  at one point of time, I just wanted to back out.  But his calm and nice personality had changed the atmosphere.

The importance of all was his perfection skills -  it was done and I didn't even notice it was already done.  My fears are gone now.  My confident is doubled!  If anyone are looking for a good dentist, you do not need to look up any directory.

- ​Mary Y.

Now we live in Waterloo and we travel 2 hours, one way, to have our checkups.  We have found, over the years that we have a good friend and advocate in Dr. Shirley, not to mention the very best practitioner of her skilled profession anywhere….no equal. She always takes the time to talk and find out how we are doing.


With the knowledge she gleans from those conversations she strives to help us get exactly what we ask for in her artful work. She personifies CARE and our whole family loves her.

- ​Jim & Diane O.

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My whole family comes here now and we’re happy with the service. 


It’s very professional here.  It’s modern and very knowledgable staff, you know Dr. Kenny and the assistances as well.   


I think I mentioned about Goretti before.  She was the first introduction to the office at the Steeles Location and she’s very knowledgeable and very friendly and it’s genuine.  You know, she doesn’t make you feel like she’s being friendly because she’s told to be friendly.

- Carol F.

I have seen so many dentists before but only this time, I got so lucky to have a dentist as great as Dr. Kenny Chan.  Now, I have a big smile on my face again.  Thanks!

- Simon C.

I always like to look at the glamorous smile of the movie stars in the magazine. Today, with the help of Dr. Cheong, I feel like a movie star myself 'cause I have a perfect smiling appearance after LVI veneers.  Thanks to Dr. Cheong and her team in guiding me throughout the entire procedure, from discussion, preparation, up to an awesome result!

- Wendy C.

Very nice, I mean - when I really noticed was when I went to lunch a month ago with three of my old work buddies.  These guys are a few years older than me but two of them are missing front teeth...missing, broken, chipped, cracked, one gone.  


But yet, they don't fix it and I just can't imagine that anymore.  I left mine the way they were for a long time but now when I look, I think, "Oh, that's not right, you should fix that."

- ​Mack M.

​We have been patients of ALFIE Dentistry for about 12 years.  Dr. Chan has cared for our family's needs;  Everything from routine cleaning to orthodontic work.  We highly recommend Dr. Chan and the ALFIE Dentistry team for all of your family's dental care needs.


- Cynthia G.

​I was waking up with tender jaw joints and fatigued facial muscles from night long slipping, sliding and grinding on my acrylic night guard. I went for a dental consultation, had x-rays taken of my TMJ (joint) and was told there was evidence of damage. The dentist prescribed a guard to be worn night and day.


One day I called on Dr. Shirley's office during one of my regular customer calls. Shirley noticed the appliance in my mouth and asked about my symptoms and the treatment plan. I then learned she was devoting her extra curricular time to the study of neuromuscular dentistry so I asked if she would mind doing an assessment of my condition. Having known Shirley for the last 10 years as a customer and an avid and devoted student of continued dental education, I valued her opinion.  During the consult she clearly demonstrated that wearing night guards were not "saving" my teeth after all. The amount of tooth wear I had was startling. No doubt the night guards reduced the damage but they did not address the cause of grinding, widely believed by the dental profession to be stress induced. My malocclusion, minor to the untrained eye, was causing dental havoc. Shirley patiently explained the problem, answered my questions and outlined my treatment and financial options. I eagerly consented to treatment.


So, at 51 years of age, I found myself in braces. Fifteen months later the braces were off, I no longer ground my teeth at night, wearing night guards was a thing of the past and, as an added bonus, the chronic tension in my neck and shoulders disappeared.

I recommend Shirley because of her passion for dentistry, attention to detail and dedication to continuing education. She's a five star dentist.

- Barbara F. 

(Former Hygienist and Dental Consultant)

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