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Meet Our Dream Team

Dr Shirley Cheong

Dr. Shirley

Dentist (BDS (Hons.), LVIF, FICCMO)



Dental Hygenist Aki enjoys jogging in her spare time, ask her for her favourite jogging spot!



Dental Assistant



Dental Concierge

Dr Kenny Protrait_edited.png

Dr. Kenny

Dentist (BDS, FRACDS (Aust.))

Copy of IMG_2232.jpg


Dental Assistant



Dental Assistant



Dental Concierge No one can beat her love for steak & seafood!


Dr. Derek

Dentist (B.A., D.D.S.)



Dental Assistant Caroline is new to Canada, she would to know more scenic spots around Toronto!



Dental Technician



Dental Concierge She loves exploring the city to find the perfect coffee shop!


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Team Events

Team Events

Dr. Shirley and 3D Dental Analysis

Dr Shirley making sure every team member is up to speed about 3D bite analysis. Here she is, pointing out which areas bear more force than others upon biting.

Apart but Together

ALFIE Team Meeting via Zoom

Happy Birthday to Jessie!

Happy Birthday to youuuu.  Happy Birthday to youuu!  Happy Birthday Dear Jessie, Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!

Derek's White Coat Ceremony

Our team extends our congratulations to Derek, who received his white dentist coat!  We couldn't be any prouder!

Monica Joins the Team

We're so lucky we have this opportunity to welcome Monica on board Team ALFIE.  She joined us about a month ago and we hope there will be many more years to come on!  


We did dinner and then desserts.  :) :) :)

Family Fun Fair 2019

It was a little windy this day, but we were so glad we met so many new people and got a chance to relax and have fun with some familiar faces!  Stay tuned for our next event (coming soon - in May 2020). 

Team BBQ

Seriously, is there anything better than BBQ in August with some of your favourite people in the world?  Yeah, we didn't think so either :D :D :D

Drs in Japan

Once you've been a part of the ALFIE Family, you're never really gone!  Doctors went to Japan for two weeks and met up with the lovely Yasuko - WOW, has it already been a year?

The Boy Leveled Up

So...I guess we should stop calling him "boy" soon, LOL!  Congrats to Derek (who we'll be calling 'Doctor Derek' before we know it!!)

Team Eats

Welcome Riho and Farewell Yasuko!  We wish the safest flight back to Japan to Yasuko and we hope to meet again soon :D.

Happy Grand Opening!

We invited family, friends and dental professionals to our Grand Opening Party.  It was such a great night filled with light snacks and wine. 

Happy Birthday to Dr. Kenny!

All the best birthday wishes to Dr. Kenny.  Thanks to Yuki, who baked and decorated this lovely strawberry cake (It was SOOOOO delicious!) 

Team Meets (Online)

We've hosted our first Team Meeting online - Yonge & Steeles with Willowdale!  In the past, we asked the Yonge & Steeles crew to drive over for our meetings - this was always fun, seeing the entire ALFIE team in one place.  But everyone agrees - this is much more convenient. 

CPR Training

We were due for our yearly CPR Certification Renewal - and (LOL) if you've been a patient of ours for a long enough time, you'll know we're sticklers for routine maintenance, upgrades (and hygiene)!!  Here's a shot of our team saving not 1, but 5 dummies.

Throwback Thursday!

Wow!  This is a blast from the past - when we had open house at ALFIE Yonge & Steeles.  This photo has got to be over10 years old!! :D  How quickly time flies!

Dr. S goes to _____ to visit Miki <3

Guess where Dr. Shirley is??

Hint 1 - pay attention to the background for clues :) :)

Hint 2 - She met up with ALFIE Alumnus, Miki who is originally from ________ - and we're alllllll jealous. We all miss you, Miki and hope to see you soon 😘


We're still open at ALFIE Willowdale and at ALFIE Centerpoint, so give us a call (416) 226-6688.

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Selfie with Dr. Kenny, LOL

Miki's Last Day...Also her Birthday!  We don't know whether to be sad about her leaving or happy about her birthday! 

Katsu with Dr. Vivian

Chinese New Year Lunch with Dr. V :) . Thanksssss Dr. V!

Welcome Toni & Farewell Miki!

We will miss you, Miki!  It was such a pleasure meeting you and we wish you all the best back in Japan <3.

We'd also love to welcome Toni to our Team!  

We elfed ourselves today...

The dentists and their assistants dancing the Charleston, LOLOL.  Click here to view.  We used the Elf Yourself App :) :) :)

Drs in NYC

Dr. Shirley and Dr. Kenny are in NYC with Future-Dr. Derek for a dental meeting. 😍😍😍
(😱 anyone else surprised that Derek is growing up so fast???)

Welcome to May and Miki

In this edition of Team Eats, we give a warm ALFIE welcome to May and Miki!

We celebrate the opening of our new ALFIE HQ

We were treated to lunch for our Smiling Star Dream Team.  Thanks to Chantal from Nobel Biocare!

Alfie Dentistry Celebrates Canada 150

From left to right, Goretti, Yuki, Dr. Shirley, and Mina posing with our Canada Day 150 swag :)

We're so grateful to be living in such an amazing country <3 . Happy Birthday, Canada!

Family Trip to Alfie HQ :)

We're so excited about the soon-to-open Alfie Headquarters on Willowdale and Alfred.  We stopped by to check in on the progress with our son, Derek and we can only imagine practicing side by side with him a couple of years down the road.  It's approaching closer and closer and we couldn't be more pleased.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Kenny!

The team went out to celebrate Dr. K's birthday last Friday.  You may notice some new faces because we are expanding!  We're looking forward to our second location on Willowdale and Alfred coming soon :)

Christmas Party

It's been confirmed by the doctors: next year, we'll be having the Christmas Party at the New Alfie Building :D :D :D.

This year's party involved a field trip to Yorkdale Mall - where the Party Planners got raffle items for us.  Then they joined us at Ladies Golf Club for dinner.  Such a fun night!

Housewarming Party :D :D :D

So much fun Saturday evening, spent with the team.  We had dinner together, shared some laughs and just enjoyed ourselves.

Mariposa Cruise

What a beautiful day on the Toronto Harbourfront!


We took off with family and friends to enjoy a lovely meal and the stunning view.

The kids enjoyed a dance competition with the DJ's music in the background, and we caught several water pokemon.


We took a day trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake to have dinner at The Cannery Restaurant.  On the way there, we played some Alfie-Themed Dental Trivia games (LOL, we really, really should have paid attention to how many computer monitors were at the studio...) and spent some time at Fallsview Casino.

ICCMO Kyoto, Japan

Dr. Shirley presented at the 18th International College of Cranio-mandibular Orthopedics Meeting in April, 2015.  Her topic was about 3D Digital applications in Neuromuscular Dentistry.  Yuki joined her as well to spread the knowledge of technology with other dentists from other countries.

Invisalign Fundamentals

Since the last time we offered Invisalign, AlignTech has integrated the use of attachments, iTero digital technology, SmartTrack material and more - it was time for us to revisit it.  We took their fundamentals course at the Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre and then enjoyed a lovely team dinner at Toula Ristorante and Bar.

LVI Regional Event

We closed up the office for a day so that the whole team could attend a lecture by Dr Sahag Mahseredjian.  It was a fun-filled day - refreshing our knowledge about neuromuscular dentistry and learning some new things as well.  Dr Sahag was such an accomplished speaker, we left with our brains fuller and ready to apply what we learned to create an improved experience for all of our guests.

Take Your Kids to Work Day

LOL, it wasn't official, but here's Brave Max getting some dental work done by Dr. Kenny and Jessie, taking one for the team. :D :D :D

Photo Credits: Kerri 

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