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ALFIE Welcomes Riho!

Wow! So many new changes at ALFIE Dentistry.

First of all, we wish every a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival!

Secondly, we're sad to see Yasuko return to Japan after what seems like too short of a stay. But...we are happy to have found the lovely Riho. Anddddd, we are happy we'll have someone to stay with, next time we're in Japan...Right Yasuko?? :D :D :D. So, in true ALFIE style, we did what we do best - we hosted a special Welcome-Riho-and-Goodbye-Yasuko Dinner.

If the team seems smaller than usual, you are not mistaken. A couple members of our team were unavailable and didn't get to join in the festivities - but no fear, they are still a big part of our group and there will be more team dinners to come.

See below for more photos of the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. dinner:


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