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TeleDentistry Services

We are so blessed to have technology on our side and that we can offer TeleDentistry services to our Smiling Stars. We were never an office to shy away from technology and digital dentistry, so we're happy to bring virtual consultations to the table.

Not sure what it is?

You may have heard about services like TeleHealth Ontario, where you can speak to registered nurses over the phone - to ask health-related, non-emergency questions. We have taken that idea and ran with it! Instead of phone calls, we decided to use video conferencing to make TeleDentistry happen - because some issues really just need the visual - so that we can see what's going on. It's also nice to connect to an actual person (your dentist!) compared to voice-only communication.

So if you have any pressing oral health concerns - that can only be answered by a dentist - we understand how important it is to you to get that information. We also understand how important it is to stay home at the moment with the COVID-19 virus going around.

Via video chat, you can ask for dental advice. Depending on the case, you can ask them to check something out before you book yourself in. If you have started Invisalign® treatment, doctors can advise you on next steps - or if something unusual came up, this is your chance to speak to them directly and together, you can come up with a solution. You can ask our dentists if what you have is a dental emergency (and if it is, we can help you book a time (416) 226-6688 to see our Emergency Dental Staff).

Here is a short video about Teledentistry that Dr Shirley made for everyone. Enjoy!


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