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Am I 'Too Old' for Braces?

If you take care of your teeth, they can last a lifetime. Which means, any steps you take right now can help you maintain those beautiful pearly whites forever - including getting braces. Orthodontics isn't just a procedure that makes your smile 'pretty' - although that is a nice side effect! They straighten your teeth - which means you can brush and floss between them easier and essentially keep them healthier for longer. Anyone with crooked teeth can benefit from this, regardless of their age. And, while there are benefits to getting orthodontic work when you're young (for example, your teeth shift easier when you're younger), there are also several benefits to getting them when you're older!

1) You're more financially stable when you're older and may also have dental benefits from work that cover some of your orthodontic treatment.

Often, the number one reason why patients delay braces treatment is that they can afford it at this time. They've finished paying off their education, they have a steady career, they have a home. Now it's time to take care of their health and they have the budget for it. Our office offers convenient monthly payment plans, so it's also broken down into smaller amounts and that makes it much more affordable! More and more insurance companies are also covering orthodontics for adults - because they can see it's beneficial to the patient in the long run.

2) The dental technology has no doubt improved since you were younger

And that means you have the option of straightening your teeth with clear brackets (so it's less obvious that you're wearing braces). You also have the option of invisible aligner trays like the Invisalign® system, which makes it really, really not obvious!

Not to mention, the entire field of orthodontics is constantly improving - so a treatment time that might have been several years before, may now be significantly reduced, due to faster, more effective and more developed innovations. At ALFIE Dentistry, we also offer special devices that can shorten treatment time as well - all you have to do is use it regularly! Ask us about Propel Orthodontic Devices to see if they're right for you.

Braces are also far more comfortable now than they were before. Many patients even forget that they're wearing their Invisalign® trays (As a disclaimer, this is usually when it's about time to change to a new set of trays. Once they switch to a new set, minor pressure can often be felt, pushing their teeth into the desired position).

3) You may be more responsible now with your orthodontic appliance(s) now than you might've been when you were younger

We're not knocking our teenager patients (because ours are pretty responsible!) but many of our more mature orthodontic patients are less likely to lose their aligner trays, to accidentally break them or toss them out with a napkin. They may also be less likely to pick at their brackets (and consequently lose one or dislodge a wire).

One you've reached a certain level of maturity, you may also know the value of caring for your smile more than a younger person more. So you might be more inclined to thoroughly brush and floss while you're in treatment (so you don't end up with a mouth full of cavities once the braces are removed).

Since you're also paying for the treatment yourself (instead of, say a parent), you might be more willing to follow through with appointment schedules, changing your aligners on time, wearing your retainers religiously, etc. Again, we're not criticizing our younger patients - because there are also many teenagers who are very self-conscious about their smile and will be very regimental with their follow-throughs because they also really want straighter teeth!

4) It can also improve your health!

No really - we're not stretching the truth here! You can probably already see what happens if you're not up to par with your oral hygiene because it's tough to clean between crooked teeth: you may experience dental problems like cavities, bad breath, gum disease, worn down, chipped and or cracked teeth (because the biting surfaces of the teeth are uneven and some teeth may take more burden or force than others) etc.

Going beyond the mouth, improper bite can give you headaches. You can experience muscle and jaw pains from malocclusion. You can experience low self-esteem if you have crooked teeth - which impacts your mental health.

Once you're ready to book your orthodontic consultation, contact us here or via phone: (416) 226-6688. We can help you select the best system for you, help you to make estimates and arrangements with your insurance company and set up convenient monthly billing. We are at your service!


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