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Dental Anxiety? 😱

We're just going to address the elephant in the room, so be honest: Are you scared of going to the dentist?

We hear you and you are not alone.  Here are some numbers from

In a recent Canadian survey, 5.5% of respondents reported being “very afraid or terrified” of dental visits, and a further 9.8% were “somewhat afraid"...Many Canadians reported being at least “a little afraid” of dental care and endodontic treatment (36% and 61.2%, respectively).

And in America, about 30-40 million people actually avoid going to the dentist because of these fears.  While there are many potential reasons for why dental anxieties may arise, there are various coping mechanisms that you can try - and effectiveness may vary depending on the severity of your fears.

Open up the dialogue about your fears to our team.  

This can work both ways because understanding the procedures can make them less daunting for you and at the same time, it'll give us an opportunity to understand your fears better and to offer more options to alleviate that anxiety.  For example, we offer oral sedation in some circumstances, so that our guests are calm during their procedures.

Take it one step at a time.

If it's been a while since you've last gone to a dentist, you may have been overwhelmed by our complete oral exam and treatment plan.  Please be aware that these recommendations are suggested to be completed over time - not all at once.  You're not expected to stay a full day to get everything done - so take it step-by-step.  You've already done a great job by coming in for a full assessment - then take the next step and book for a cleaning.  Gradually work your way up to the bigger projects.

Try a breathing practice.

Slowing down the breath helps to send a message to your nervous system that you are calm and relaxed - fake it 'til you make it, as they say :) . Take a slow inhale for a count of 4.  Hold your breath for 4.  Exhale for 4 counts.  Hold for 4, then repeat.  


We have TV in some of the rooms so that you can draw attention away from the dental treatment. You can also bring a set of headphones to listen to calming music while you're getting dental work done.


It might also be wise to see a psychologist to get to the root of your problems and overcome your anxieties.  They can offer various therapies that may be of benefit to you.


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