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Looking for a New Dentist?

Here are some tips on what to look for if you're searching for a new dental office. (Spoiler alert: We're still accepting new patients and meet all the following criteria)! Call us at (416) 226-6688 and let our concierge team pair you up with your new ALFIE dentist.

1) Digital office

Digital x-rays is a great way to start, but in the long run, it's also great when the office has access to other modern equipment and additions such as digital scanners for computerized impressions, etc. Not all dental offices have adopted the technology, so it's important to ask.

Our state-of-the-art facility accommodates for an in-house laboratory so, even if you don't need restorations now, it's nice to know that in case you ever accidentally break a tooth or it develops a deep crack or something, we can fix it for you within the same day. Read more about same-day dental crowns here. Obviously, each case will be different, so come in for an examination and we'll see what we can do to help (and let you know how soon we can get it taken care of).

We've also gone digital for all of our Invisalign cases - which means that you can get your teeth straightened with fewer delays. Speed not important to you? That's fine, how about accuracy? Because digitized cases also yield better results because it eliminates the slight distortions of old-school putty-impressions.

2) Flexible schedule

Did you know that we open early, finish late and also offer appointments on Saturdays? We understand that you're busy, so we try to make it as easy as possible to schedule yourself in. Because dentistry is important too!

3) Educates you on your oral health

No, seriously! We 'get' that people don't want to be lectured. We really do. But, your dental team should still:

* spend the time to show you what they see in your mouth

* show you what problems and/or potential issues they see

* teach you how to prevent them from getting worse

* offer you potential solutions and treatment options and

* make you understand why they're recommending a certain treatment

We believe that as a consumer, it's important to have everything laid out on the table so you really understand what's going on and make informed decisions.

4) Clean office space

Do we really need to elaborate on this one? LOL. The same amount of care your dental team takes for their work space will probably be the same amount of care they'd give to your oral health. If treatment rooms are messy and gross, chances are, they're also lackadaisical with your teeth.

We've got two sterilization centres at ALFIE dentistry with efficient systems in place - feel free to ask our assistants about our role in infection control.

5) Convenient location and parking

Let's face it, no one wants to deal with the hassles of metered parking or trying to fit into an awkward street space. ALFIE Dentistry has two locations to serve you - with ample parking space at each.

Check them out here:


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