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May the Force be with You

This is a continuation of our 7-wonders of dentistry series, which you can start here if you'd like a summary of what we've covered so far. In today's blog - Lasers! LOL. No, not laser swords or lightsabers. We will be talking about soft tissue lasers - yes, the ones we use in dentistry. It's not a new technology, but it is an extremely useful one.

One of the uses of laser dentistry is shaping the gum. Some people have overgrowth of gums, which can often be adjusted using this tool. This can help to prevent the trapping of bacteria and food particles in awkward spots, which can lead to cavities. Other people have shorter teeth, which may benefit from and look more aesthetically pleasing if the gum line is made higher (and making the teeth look a bit longer).

It can help us uncover an impacted (un-erupted and/or partially erupted tooth) - for example, in wisdom teeth extraction cases.

Soft tissue lasers are more precise than traditional methods and offer greater comfort to our patients. Compared to conventional methods, less swelling and inflammation is observed when using laser technology.


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