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Quick Reminder!

Only about 50 days until we ring in the new year. Did...did 2018 just fly by? Or is that just the way I'm feeling?

Well, we wanted to do a quick post to remind everyone to use your dental insurance before 2019 if your benefit year runs from January to December. They don't carry over, so if you haven't come in yet, book your check up and cleaning and ask us if there's anything else that needs attention (e.g. something we've already diagnosed but haven't treated or if there's any new issues).

Also, if we've previously sent an estimate for proposed dental treatment for you and it's been approved, remember to book it before the year is finished. Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide changes every Jan 1st, so an estimate from 2018 may be reimbursed differently for 2019 fees.

Call now to reserve a spot: (416) 226-6688.

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