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What to Bring to your First Appointment

So maybe it's been a couple of months since your last dental visit. Maybe it's been a couple of years. Either way, changes happen, and if you're switching over from your previous dentist to ALFIE Dentistry, today's blog post will focus on useful information you can bring with you to your first dental visit.

If you've been a part of the ALFIE family for a while but you've:

* changed employers

* got married

* got divorced

* experienced changes to your medical history

* etc.,

you may also need to update our team when you come in.

Without further ado, here's a list of things you can bring with you to your next dental visit - if you're new to our office or if there's been any changes:

1) Medical intake forms (Printed out and completed). They can be downloaded here.

2) A list of medications

3) Any current x-rays/reports from specialist (if applicable). Digital x-rays are preferred - you can email them to us before your appointment and we'll be sure to import them into your profile.

4) Some form of government ID (e.g. Driver's License or OHIP) - required when we write certain prescriptions. We also use it to verify address - unit numbers, postal codes, etc.

5) Dental Insurance Information/Dental Insurance Card:

* Name of Insurance Carrier

* Name and Date of Birth of the subscriber

* Plan Contract Number (Also called Group Number, or Policy Number, etc. As an example, people who work for the same company will often have the same plan contract number)

* Subscriber ID (Also called Certificate Number or something along the same lines - this unique ID number identifies the individual from their group plan. For example, if Bob and Tiffany work for the same company, they may have the same plan contract number, but their subscriber ID will be different.)

* Name(s) of Dependant(s) (whoever is coming in to see the dentist)

* Insurance Booklet that breaks down coverage - if possible. If a PDF version is available, you can email it to us before your visit

* Please note, if you are covered under more than one insurance, you will need to bring the above information for each of the insurances you are covered under so that we can help you submit claims properly.

For example: if you are covered by your employer, and your spouse has you set up as a dependant under their insurance, you may be able to claim to both. Another example is if a child is covered under both parents, you can claim to both in some cases.

* Changes to your marital status may affect your dental benefits, so please update us if there is anything new.


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