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Our Technology

  • Virtually invisible teeth-straightening system

  • No uncomfortable brackets and wires

  • Eat whatever foods you like

  • Brush and floss normally

Virtual Simulations

  • Digitized 3D impressions

  • Quicker, more accurate turnover from laboratory

  • See before and after simulations of your teeth

  • No more goopy impressions


  • Same-day crown or bridge restoration

  • No need for impression-taking

  • No temporary crown hassle

  • Looks and feels natural

Digital Imaging

  • Excellent x--ray and photographic quality

  • Sensitive to picking up detailed changes in oral health

  • Lower radiation than traditional imaging

Bite Analysis

  • Computerized jaw function tracking

  • Real-time EMG recording

  • Find neuromuscular bite

  • Yields high precision analysis

  • Better long-term results

Laser Dentistry

  • Gum contouring and improves gum line

  • Disinfect oral bacteria  in red and swollen gums

  • Controls bleeding

  • Soft tissue and lesion removal

One of the unique aspects of our practice is the use of technology.  We believe in an ever-changing world of life-long learning and continuous improvement with the help of the latest technology.


From the beginning of the office design, we have put in a lot of thought in utilizing computerization and technology to enhance our patient experience and comfort.


Through modern dental technology, we provide our patients with services that are:


  • faster

  • better

  • more accurate

  • more aesthetically pleasing

  • more durable services

  • and a lower cost in long term

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