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Do you have unsightly ‘black triangles’ in between your teeth?

Neighbouring teeth that are more triangular in shape can often create the appearance of a black triangle in between them.  While this has no influence on bite functions, you may not be as comfortable and confident with your smile - especially if they are your two front upper teeth - like the one in this photograph.

Luckily, there are various options at your disposal.  Some solutions that we offer include:

  1. Reshaping the teeth and closing the gap with braces or Invisalign.

  2. Veneers.

  3. Crown.

Depending on each individual case, we may discuss why one option might be better suited for you than another option.  For example, if there’s also extensive decay or if they’ve been root canal treated, you could be better off restoring it with dental crowns for that extra support.  If these teeth are perfectly healthy and you’ve got thick enamel, then reshaping might just do the trick.

Before making any aesthetic changes to a smile, we always conduct an examination first. 

Call our office now to book an appointment and see how we can help!  We can be reached at (416) 226-6688.


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