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E-Max Crowns

Same-day crowns to the rescue! We are hard at work behind-the-scenes to provide realistic-looking dental restorations.

Fun fact: E-max material is purple during the milling process as well as during the sprue-removal process (what's happening here) but becomes tooth-coloured after it is baked.

What are some of the advantages of E-max crowns?

  • Crown-prep and delivery are done on the same day

  • Realistic tooth-colours (after it's baked) with natural-looking translucency

  • Made entirely of ceramic - so no silver margins that you sometimes see

  • Very durable material

  • E-max isn't just limited to crowns - for example, they can also be used in bridges

  • Can be used to replace a decayed, damaged, and/or root-canal-treated teeth

  • Can be used to create a more aesthetic smile (e.g. replacing teeth with permanent stains - like in tetracycline cases, improve shade of smile, etc)

Need a new crown? We are open for full-service dentistry. Call our concierge at (416)226-6688.


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