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Full Mouth Reconstruction Step-by-Step

Step 1: Design

We'll start with a comprehensive examination:

* Do you think your teeth look "too small"?

* Does your smile show "too much gum"?

* Are you happy with the colour of your teeth?  

We want to know all about you and what you'd like to improve.  

Use our Smile Catalog to help articulate your dream design.

Step 2: Preview

We'll show you a preview of your brand new smile and we'll make sure that you understand:

* What's involved in the process.

* How many appointments are expected and how much time is needed.

* The payment plan options.


* Address any questions can concerns that you may have.

Step 3: The Transformation

This step gives you the chance to see your dream smile on your face.  Our team will prep your teeth, then place temporaries so that you can essentially "test drive" your new smile.  

* You'll experience how they look.

* You'll experience how they feel.


* Your loved ones will see the New You.

Think you should have gone whiter or chosen more rounded teeth?  Now is the time to mention any changes you'd like so that to doctors can tweak things before your permanents are placed.

Step 4: Reality

Once you are satisfied with the temporaries, the permanent teeth will be made and cemented.  

Step 5: Fine Tuning

We'll review your smile to make sure that it is both beautiful and functional and do some touch ups.

Ready to book?  Let's start with a Complete Oral Exam first and we'll go from there.  Call our team at (416) 226-6688 and we'll be sure to see you in our Toronto Smile Studio.


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