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Happy Anniversary!

Holy smokes, it's been two years since this photo (It's so awesome that our cake designer thought to write down the date to help us keep June 15th in our memories)!

Unfortunately, our team totally forgot (we're not giving anyone a hard time though, because with about half our team still in quarantine and COVID-19 going around, we understand that we're all under stress, so it's OK)! Fun fact, it was one of our patients who sent over these well-wishes (via social media) before we remembered! Oh how time flies when we're having fun!!

We can't wait until we can throw parties again and welcome friends and family into our ALFIE office (again)! And throw block parties (again)! And share food (again) and music (again) and laughs (again)! We're missing all of our lovely Smiling Stars.

Hopefully, once COVID-19 is under control or there is a vaccine for it, we can convince the doctors to throw a Grand (Re)Opening Party for everyone, LOL. We'd probably have to catch up on team birthdays as well - right? 🤣.


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