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Happy International Nurses Day!





We appreciate all that you do for us <3 <3 <3!

Here are some ways we can support our nurses and front line hospital workers:

1) Stay Home and Stay Safe! Do everything in your power to reduce the spread of COVID-19 - so we don't overwhelm and stress the medical system - i.e. the PEOPLE who are supporting and caring for the sick during these unprecedented times.

Only go out for groceries and medication and postpone all other non-essential activities. And when you do go out, keep a safe distance away from other people.

2) Don't hoard PPE - front line hospital workers needs the protection waaaaaayyyy more than 'regular' people doing groceries! And it's worth a mention (only because news reports said it was happening) - DON'T steal PPE from the hospital!

3) If you have the means to, donate to your local hospital.


We are doing all we can to offer emergency dental services - so people can be diverted away from hospitals during this time. Let us all be safe.


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