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Happy Spring!

Have you booked your Spring Cleaning (and Check-Up) yet?

Here are our top three reasons for why we recommend cleaning appointments:

1) Regular dental visits means that we're looking out for your oral health. 

We help to identify problems when we first spot them - so that you can have them treated before they become a big (and likely uncomfortable!) problem.  Since our offices are equipped with the latest technology, we can see in greater detail than what you might see while brushing.

2) Hygiene visits are much more than "brushing your teeth".

While brushing and flossing is most certainly needed to maintain strong, healthy teeth, it's not always enough.  Plaque can build up on teeth and harden with time - so when it gets to the stage of tartar or calculus, it cannot be removed through simple home care.  At this point in time, you'd definitely need a hygienist with their specialized tools in order to remove these deposits.  Staying regular with your dental hygiene visits will keep deposit levels low, so your mouth is healthy.

3) It saves you money.

No really, it DOES!  Dental problems treated in the earlier stages are less expensive and less invasive than problems in their advanced stages - which is why we love spending time talking about preventative care (and why this ties into reason number 1 so well!) 

So, when you come in for cleaning and check ups on a regular basis, you're at the prevention stage.  If you pair that up with excellent care at home, then for the most part, you wouldn't need more advance (and costlier) dental treatments.

If in the unfortunately event, decay is spotted, it's way more cost effective when we treat it as a small filling than if you leave it and we treat it as a bigger filling.  Or if you leave it for a really, really long time, it could potentially turn into needing a root canal treatment and a crown to protect it.  Just going by our provincial fee guide, we're talking about the difference of a couple hundred dollars.

Call us now to reserve a spot (416) 226-6688 or ask about our other services like Invisalign braces, implants, CEREC crowns and more.


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