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Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!

Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!

Does it still count as a long weekend...when, for most of our team, our days kindaaaa all look the same in quarantine? LOL

While we're not enjoying large gatherings and fireworks in crowds and family/friends BBQs and cottage life (depending on the province you're currently residing in!) and the usual, we can still celebrate in other ways.




Anyone got any ideas? We might just be all out of them, LOLOLOLOL

Oh! You can:

* garden

* pick some spring blooms (obviously not without permission and not on someone else's property, LOL)

* cook something special (although from what we've heard, many of you/us have been doing nothing BUT cooking, LOLOL)

* connect with friends/family via Zoom

* board games, if you live with other people

* miscellaneous virtual activities (like streaming broadway - some are available for 24-48 hours on YouTube, so keep your eyes peeled or watching opera or virtually visiting museums and/or art galleries online, the aquarium, etc)

* etc.

Hmm...looks like these 'celebratory activities' have been what we've been doing all along during lockdown! Oh well, we're making do with what's been handed to us! We will get through this together!! <3 <3 <3


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