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Here are some photos of our ALFIE 'surprise' party

LOL! We tried to throw a surprise party for Dr. Kenny for his birthday...Here's what went down :)

Yonge & Steeles team members were tight-lipped and didn't let on a single clue as to the evening ahead - we all said our regular "see you tomorrows!" at the end of the day and left, as usual. (Yay, we made it! And Doctor had no clue!)

But thennnnn...

Team Willowdale needed some last-minute ingredients - so Team Yonge & Steeles went for last-minute groceries. Things were still looking good when Team YSDC arrived - because they didn't see doctor's car in the ALFIE HQ parking lot.

Unfortunately...he pulled into Willowdale, just as Team YSDC was grabbing all the food from the trunk (What timing!!) He knew something was up when he saw all of us us avoid eye contact and dash up to the third floor, LOL. We were busted.

While the gig was up, everyone still had a great time, LOL. Here are some photos! Annddd, Happy Birthday to Dr. Kenny!


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