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How 3D Models improve YOUR experience

Our very own 3D models -> can you spot the ALFIE smiling star? :) :) :)

* Using digital dentistry to create these models means you can avoid having the old school goopy (and often gag-inducing) impressions.

* Making models in-house means that turnover time for your dental treatment is greatly reduced!  'In the olden days' (LOL), we had to take impressions, send them out to a dental lab, then wait at least a week to get soap models back.  And that's not even including the cases where, if something turned out less than ideal, we'd need to call you in for an appointment to get a new impression and have to repeat the same process over again!  That's time out of your schedule and hassle that you don't need.

* Achieve more accurate end-products with the digital dentistry and these working models.  Since every person's set of teeth are unique, using the latest technology to capture your individuality helps to define where you are with your oral health and where you want to go with your smile.

Like always, we pay attention to all the small details in every smile we treat, so call us now for your customized ALFIE experience.  (416) 226-6688.


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