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Introducing the NEW VPro5®

Exciting developments at ALFIE Dentistry - you guessed it - another new gadget :D :D :D

Today, we're talking FAST Orthodontics.

We know - we know! You've just started your brand new braces routine...and you're already dying to get them off, LOL. Yup, you want straight teeth but the dentist said it's going to be about 2 years...

2 years...

2 long years...

2 looooonnnnnnggggg years...

"It'll be over in no time," they say. But they don't have to wear the trays 😒! So, we've done what we could to bring you the tech to speed up your treatment time.

The VPro5® from Propel Orthodontics delivers gentle vibrations to ensure proper aligner fit so its easy-to-use design allows for reduced discomfort and improved movement of teeth.

Not that it's unbiased, LOL - but one of the girls at ALFIE tried the VPro5 against a competitor product (which we used to offer, by the way!) and said that this was way better.


  • Wear the device for only 5 minutes

  • Easy-to-use design

  • Intuitive light notifications

  • Accelerates tooth movement

  • Makes trays more comfortable to wear

  • Reduces the need for refinements

Ask our office about how VPro5 can help you today - it's perfect for active braces treatment and the retention phase. We can be reached during regular business hours at (416) 226-6688.


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