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Misconceptions about Root Canals

Root canal therapy is one of the more commonly feared procedures in dentistry - often next to extractions. However, it's a fairly routine procedure performed to preserve a tooth - and to actually relieve pain.

So, the discomfort/signs leading up to a root canal may include:

* sensitivity to hot and cold

* swelling, inflammation

* infection

* pimple-like growth on the gums which feels tender (called an "abscess")

* discolouration of tooth

* a deep cavity or crack, close to the nerve

* trauma to the tooth (e.g. getting hit in the face)

In a root canal procedure, the painful, infected pulp is removed, patched up and usually topped off with a crown (and usually in multiple appointments).  It allows you to keep the tooth, keep your smile, and keep your jaw bone from shrinking.  You may still feel a bit sensitive afterwards (as the area was worked on), but it should pass in about a week or so.


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