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New Smile for a New Decade

Wow, we can hardly believe that we're already in the second week of this new decade! Perhaps to mark the monumental occasion, this is The Year to shift your focus to improving your smile!

We're all about taking baby steps to get where you need to go - so don't worry, it doesn't mean dramatically altering the appearance of your smile (unless that's what you want!) But if this is your dental year, consider planning for:

  • Covering all the basic maintenance - routine examinations, x-rays if needed and routine cleanings with your hygienist.

  • If you've been putting off restorations, now is the time to have your cavities filled in or repaired with crowns if the damage is extensive. Decay doesn't just go away on its own and in most cases, worsens over time if no action is taken.

  • Look to replacing any missing teeth. Any gaps between your teeth can signal for other teeth to migrate towards the empty space. Replacing them asap can help to maintain jaw structure and prevent other teeth from drifting into that space.

  • Invest in long term treatment goals like getting your teeth straightened or aesthetic dentistry. Depending on your case, some people may need to make these more of a priority. For example, getting braces or Invisalign® can help to align teeth so that they are easier to brush and floss - which likely will mean fewer instances of decay or dental rot. So if in your history, you've needed a lot of fillings, getting your teeth straightened might be a good idea to improve overall hygiene. As another example, some people are born with very thin enamel. This could lead them to have weaker teeth, which may benefit greatly from getting crowns or other restorative work. A happy side effect - you get an aesthetically pleasing smile!

So, may 2020 be your year - go get 'em!

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