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Sugar-Free Stocking Stuffers

Here's a list of great stocking stuffers that don't involve sugar :D

1) Travel-sized toiletries

You can choose lotions that smell sweet for kids, so it doesn't feel like anyone is 'missing out' on sugary treats. For older family/friends, choose perfume, cologne, essential oils, beauty masks, small spa kits, etc.

2) Small kitchen items

Choose fancy salts for the people who like to cook or choose sugar-free treats or any other consumables. Cutesy tea steepers, cutesy water bottles, cutesy lunch boxes or other functional items are other options - which can be for anyone in your life - not just the chefs :D

3) Gift Cards

These can be great for the people you don't know how to buy for - there's options for movies, clothes, mall cards, music services, etc.

4) Passes/Tickets for an event or a trip to the museum/aquarium/art gallery/concert etc

Some places allow you to purchase in advance and/or online. If not, you can always draw up a coupon - and honour it in the future.

5) Journals and/or stationary items - like washi tape or stickers!

Go for festive stickers and washi tape (like snowflakes or Santas). Choose non-holiday themed journals/fun pens, etc (since these'll probably stick around longer than a month)!

6) Books

Toss in a book! There's nothing like being transported to a whole other world while sitting cosily by the fire!

7) Instant Photos

These have been trendy for a while - so if your loved ones have an instant camera, supply them with the photos - so they can get in touch with their creative side. Or if you have a collection of images with these people, go ahead and print some off, make it into an album and stick 'em into their stockings.

8) Colouring Books

These have also been making a come-back, with a huge selection of adult-colouring books - or ones for children - you can pretty much find them anywhere (psst, even at the dollar store!)

9) Socks or other small clothing items

LOL, socks inside of stockings...yes, that'll do. Or you can choose gloves, mitts (because who else loses them all the time?) , earmuffs, etc. For something to up your game - choose jewellery.

10) Travel Kits

Slightly branching off our first tip - they make 'emergency manicure kits', 'bike fixing kits' and a bunch more - that fit right into the palm of your hands. Check out if they have something that your friend/family member/acquaintance would like. Or, if you have the time - make one yourself.


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