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😍 😍 😍 That Tree in the Background

Our son, Derek is enjoying his summer break from University (he's studying to be a dentist, of course :)) and is currently joining us at ALFIE Yonge & Steeles Location - you may have caught him hard at work assisting.  

We just can't believe time has passed by so quickly - he's done another year and before we know it, he'll be a certified dentist and have his own practice.

We captured this amazing shot at the new, upcoming Alfie Headquarters on Willowdale and Alfred - just look at that multi-coloured tree!  Oh yeah, and it's nice to see most of our building is up <3 <3 <3.  

It's looking promising - we should be seeing you at the new HQ come end of Summer/Fall.  Stay Tuned.


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