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Things you can do in Self-Isolation

How's everyone holding up? We're on day ?? of social distancing and well...some people seem to be going a little stir-crazy being by themselves. We've got our emergency dental care team at the office but the rest of ALFIE is at home. How are we busying ourselves? Here are a couple of ideas:

1) Connecting Virtually

There are just so many apps these days that allow us to stay connected virtually, that one can never really feel alone. And if phone calls is what you prefer, then you do you! Call the parents. Contact some old friends. Stay in touch with neighbours - especially the elderly ones! They may be in need of assistance, so if you can pick up some extra groceries for them or help walk their dog or assist them in other ways, please volunteer your time!

2) Photography

Many people have cameras on their smartphones - so now's the time to get snapping. While you could naturally be drawn to 'things outside' of the home, see if you can make the everyday items around you interesting! Play with different angles. Utilize different lenses. Experiment with different photography techniques. Work on improving your photography skills, so once we're all out of quarantine, you can apply them to future travel photos or future event photos.

3) Learning a Language

If you feel like you're unproductive while in quarantine, utilize the time to pick up a new language. This can help prepare you for future travels or simply allow you to communicate better with different people. You can use online courses, e-books, youtube videos or reach out on social media for native speakers who are also in self-isolation. And, if you speak multiple languages yourself, you could be in that native-speaker-teacher role.

4) Reading

Perhaps now is the time to catch up on all those books you intended to read, but never had any time for! Find a new-to-you author. Reread some of your favourites. Go ahead and analyze some books in popular fiction, create theories and then post them to youtube (LOL, that last one is obviously optional, but you'd be surprised at how many people have already offered up various theories about their favourite characters!)

You can also start an online reading group. Share thoughts with friends virtually on a collective book that you're reading.

5) Painting

Ok, so you may not have the supplies. BUT, here's another opportunity to use what you have. People have written books about creating ink colours out of natural substances, so that could be you. If you have paints or watercolours or whatnot, here's the time to use them!

6) Drawing/Sketching

Even more accessible than painting is drawing or sketching. Most people have writing tools like pencils and pens at home, as well as copy paper or even scrap paper. Let that imagination run wild or pass the time sketching things around the house. If you really get into it, you can head online for tips and tricks or sign up for e-courses or watch youtube videos.

7) Planting herbs/flowers/gardening

It may still be a little early in the season - but you can start seeds indoors for now. And when the weather improves, you can take it outside.

8) Scrapbooking

If you're into paper crafts, chances are you've got a huge stack of usable materials at home. And if not, you could always tap into your creative side and make do with what you have around the house. Capture past special events or make a project out of preserving old family photos. Digitize them, if that's your thing - and share it with extended family!

9) Baking

The recent news showed that along with toilet paper, people have also been buying tonnes of pantry staples like flour. So, pull up some bread recipes or bake some cookies.

They say that baking is as much of a science as it is an art, so it might be a good idea to follow recipes as close a you can get - especially if you're a novice. You do want to eat and actually enjoy what you're creating, instead of having to worry about your baked goods turning into a solid brick. If you've got years of experience under your belt, by all means, experiment!

10) Cooking

Cooking is a little less intimidating than baking because you have a little more leeway. But again, if you're a totally newbie in the kitchen, follow recipes to a tee. If you're comfortable in the kitchen, go for a pinch of this and a lot of that based on your personal preferences. Now is a great time to explore different flavours or being creative with what you have on hand!

If you have housemates, make it into a friendly competition. Who can make the best chilli using the ingredients you have at home? Who can create the best dinner or appetizer or 'whatever' using the ingredients in the fridge?

11) Puzzles

If you don't have any, you can always make your own, LOL. It's not like you don't have the time! Find a photo or image you like. Make a copy, preserving the original. Print it out - or sketch it out, if you want to (LOL) and cut into random puzzle pieces. Then put it all back together.

12) Sewing

In the past, you may have purchased a sewing machine on a whim. You may have had a billion intentions for it - to repair this and to make that, but simply never had the time or energy to do so. Well, now you do! Get on it.

But even if you don't have a sewing machine, you can practice hand stitching. This can come in handy for clothing repairs or just a way to express your creativity in cloth.

13) Calligraphy

You can do gorgeous calligraphy even with regular markers. Just grab what you have and turn on some virtual tutorials. If you don't have the supplies for it, search 'faux calligraphy'. There are even practice printables - so you can use these as guides.

14) Visit a Virtual Museum

It is very cool that museums all over the world are adapting to quarantine life by offering virtual tours. No, it's not exactly the same thing as the real museums, but they are fascinating in their own right. Tour the Catacombes of Paris or visit the MET Cloisters from the safety of your own home.

15) Journalling

Well, you may not have the most interesting stories while in self-isolation, but you can use journalling as a way to vent or to jot down your emotions during this time. It can be quite stressful to be living this 'new normal', so writing things down can be a great outlet. A great thing about this is: you can do it in a pretty journal. But if you don't have one, pen/pencil and paper would do in a pinch. And if you're more of a techy kind of person, you can journal right on your laptop or desktop or tablet or even smartphone.

16) Online Fitness Classes

If you're craving that connectivity to other people, sign up for virtual live streams. It gives you a way to be in touch with real live humans, without having to leave your home. Some instructors allow a 'chat' function or allow students to be unmuted at the beginning of classes, so you can communicate with them and other students.

17) Organize and Clean

LOL, yes, we know - this doesn't sound like fun to a lot of people, but in the process, you might be able to uncover gems you've invested in, but totally forgot about! Dust off that waffle maker. Reacquaint yourself with an instrument from your past. Reminisce over old family photos.

It will make you feel productive to be clearing away the clutter. And, you'll be left with more clarity. Don't know where to start? We like the Konmari Method of tidying up.

18) Rediscover your Interests

If you did #17 and went into all your closets and stashes, you may have found multiple ways to pass the time. And now with the internet, it's so easy to pull up tutorials on how to play that guitar or how to use that sewing machine, LOL or how to sing or how to dance.

19) Take a walk outside

Stay away from other people and you can still enjoy the fresh air. Even if it's just in your own backyard (which may arguably be more boring, but safer, because you're self-isolating yourself).

20) Start a Blog or Vlog

On whatever sparks joy in you! Chances are, there will be other people who share your same interests and can connect virtually with your that way.


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